Help support Alfie Hackett

Jan 18 2012

Please help us support Alfie’s parents.

this is why:

When her waters broke after just 20 weeks, Lord Williams’s School teacher Amy Hackett was told her son wouldn’t survive to birth. Now 17 months old, little Alfie has defied all the odds and is still fighting. He is in intensive care as a result of contracting bronchiolitis for the fifth time this year.

He has just been taken off the ventilator and is doing well. Unfortunately, this is the third time he has been ventilated. And if he was to catch bronchiolitis RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) positive the outcome could be a lot worse. There is a vaccination that could reduce the severity of RSV infection but unfortunately due to his age, Alfie cannot get this on the NHS.

They have the opportunity to buy the vaccination ourselves but it is very expensive, which is why it is rarely given. Please help us raise the funds required

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