Save FreeHand

Save FreeHand

Having used FreeHand since version 3 to its last release MX, when Adobe purchased Macromedia we hoped but deep down knew it's days were numbered. It was not long before the it became official. Now we are starting to see people struggling to keep it working. Well, all may not me lost…

For the last 15 years, our first choice for vector design is FreeHand. Since version 3 to it's last release MX, we used this for both print and web vector design.

Like others, when Adobe purchased Macromedia we knew it as all over. Also having been avid users of GoLive from the first releases of CyberStudio, things looked bleak with MM's Dreamweaver being more popular. It was not long before the it became official. Like others, we got a token copy of Illustrator and tried to use it. Soon became apparent that FreeHand was much easier and quicker to use.

Well, it was time to sit around and wait for it to stop working when Apple's new OSX was released. We were lucky, Tiger came along – all good, Leopard, well some minor issues for some users but majority OK.

Snow Leopard on the other hand is causing major issues for FH users. Apple is loosing out as we love FreeHand more than the OS so we won't upgrade.

Why Apple don't allow third party virtualization companies to use the OS is beyond me, we would happily pay for the whole office to have a VM of Tiger specifically for running FreeHand whilst keeping up with Apple's great operating system? ah well… just a thought

But all is not lost, either Apple will allow their OS with be virtualized or we could get Adobe to do something about it. is trying to do just that. Set up by users of FreeHand, they hope to get Adobe to sell it to another company to allow it to continue to be developed or give it to the open source community.

If you love using FreeHand and want to continue using it, get over to and help the movement. We have.

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