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Backing up customer or even you own data is a constant project. Whilst we have several workflows to achieve this, we are always looking to add new systems in case that day ever comes and your computer is stolen or God forbid there been a fire.

It also made me think about all those thousands of family photos we have of the kids growing up of which 95% are digital.

Whilst they are backed up off the main computer to an external hard drive (you can get a reasonable priced one for £100 these days), they are still in the house.

Simple solution, do the back up and store the disk in car or neighbours house. The later can be a pain when you have to keep asking for the external drive back. Cars are also stolen when houses are burgled.

Storing the disk at work will need an understanding boss (whom does not think you have come in to steal the company database).

Tip:Taking photos of all your belongings and burning onto CD and storing them at work can help prove to the insurance company that you did have 5 mobile phones be it 4 of them were stored in a draw.

We looked at Cloud backup as a solution in the past, but costs were prohibitive especially if your just looking at backing up home photos and the free services only offered up to 2GB of storage.

The good news it that things have changed.

Free Cloud Space
Free Cloud Storage
  • 50GB - ADrive
  • 15GB - Google Drive
  • 15GB - Copy
  • 10GB - Box
  • 5GB - One Dive (Sky Drive) or what ever Microsoft calls it these days
  • 5GB - Amazon
  • 5GB - iCloud
  • 2GB - Dropbox

Whilst Dropbox only gives you 2GB, we have managed to extend this to 7GB by inviting friends to join.

Dropbox and Google Drive give you apps for both Mac and PC allowing you to store/work in files that get automatically uploaded into the cloud.

What do you use? How easy is it? We are always interested in what other use and their experiences.

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