Free vector design program, Gravit

We are getting excited over here at Ogma New Media. In the past we have lamented the passing of our favorite design program FreeHand.

We have just downloaded Quasado's Gravit App, free Design Tool for Mac, Windows and the Web in the spirit of former Freehand and Fireworks. Although in beta release we tried this out and really like it. We have been looking for an alternative to FreeHand ever since Adobe killed it off.

It support Mac, Linus, Windows, Chrome and web platforms. Whist some features were not fully enabled and others did not work as expected, if you have ever used a program like FreeHand, Illustrator or InkScape, you will quickly get to grips with it.

In the past, we used FreeHand for all kinds of things such as CD covers, Posters, Catalogues, Business Cards etc but also produced a lot of cartography using it so, to try it out, I thought I would put together the simplest of maps. Having never even used the program before, I had my simple map done in 15 minutes (see below). It was so easy and I can't wait until this is release.

However, the best thing about Gravit is it is FREE! yep, free. Once designers around the globe get to play with this, watch out Mr Adobe, your Illustrator sales are going to plummet.

Get yourself over to website and get designing! We have used a variety of these in our print publications without issues.

Well done Team Quasado, keep us the good work

Gravit's Features (so far)
Freehand Pen Tool
Line Tool
Square Tool
Circle Tool
Polygon Tool
Text Tools
Trim Tool
Lasso Tool
Multi-Sized Pages

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